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Offer: Pillow (McK) - I have a pillow that is like a cuddle pillow. It was out in the garage so it got some sawdust on it. Some light stains. Could be washed or used for a dog bed. No rips or tears.
Photo of free Pillow (McK)
Offer: Furnace Filter (McK) - I have a 14X20 Furnace filter that is re-usable. You hose it off and put it back in.
Photo of free Furnace Filter (McK)
Offer: Microwave Oven (Arcata) - Large, hang over stove variety, works, sitting on sidewalk now. SE corner of J and 16th in Arcata. Offer: furniture (Klamath Falls) - Free furniture. Couch, loveseat, rocker recliner and table. Solid furniture. Smoke free puppy home
Photo of free furniture (Klamath Falls)
Photo of free furniture (Klamath Falls)
Photo of free furniture (Klamath Falls)
Photo of free furniture (Klamath Falls)
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Request: Empty wasp nest (North McKinleyville) - My daughter is fascinated by these nests. Seeking an abandoned one in god condition to put in a case in her room. Could assist with getting down from tree, building, etc. as long as don’t need to be on a high ladder. Please be sure it’s empty, though:) Request: California king sheets (Trinidad) - No holes pls, for my elderly parents. They have 1 set. It would be nice to have a spare when I am cleaning, thank you! Offer: 2 sets king sheets (Trinidad) - King, 1 dark green, 1 ivory. No holes that I am aware of Offer: Gardening books (Arcata/McKinleyville) - California Master Gardener Handbook Lasagna Gardening (Patricia Lanza) Southern California Gardening, A month by month guide
Photo of free Gardening books (Arcata/McKinleyville)
Request: Doors (Trinity Center Covington Mill) - Need 1 exterior door 36" wide Request: Water heater (Trinity Center Covington Mill) - Need a propane water heater asap. Mine just have up! Offer: matress (west side close to jackson) - queen size purchased about six months ago no stains Request: Chicken Coop (McK) - We are looking for a chicken coop or a shed that is big enough for 8 chickens. I you have one you are no longer using we could pick it up and haul it away. Thanks Request: Milk crates (Arcata) - 12 inch x 12 inch x 12 inch plastic or wood would be fine. Offer: Piano (Arcata, CA) - Upright piano! Beautiful. 5ft by 6ft by 2ft
Photo of free Piano (Arcata, CA)
Offer: Empty wine bottles (W. Medford) - A dozen or so clean, empty wine bottles available for free. Use for crafts, wine making or? Request: Doors (Trinity Center Covington Mill) - Need 1 exterior door 36" wide, 2 interior 28-30" widel Offer: Child's Car Seat (Southern Humboldt) - Graco brand, AFFIX model child's booster car seat. For ages 3-10. Offer: Landscape rocks (McKinleyville) Promised - 8+ buckets full of landscape rocks removed from gardens around our house. Larger rocks were too difficult for us to walk on while doing yard work. Very heavy - can NOT help load into your car or truck.
Photo of free Landscape rocks (McKinleyville)
Request: Stepping Sones (McK) - I'm looking for some stepping stones for our garden. Looking for 12" x 12" but open to Any size shape or color. Thanks, Ed Offer: Punching bag (Arcata-) - decent- weathered Offer: RCA Office phone system (Arcata, near Arcata High) - Comes with four handsets which are corded, not wireless. Works. Some wires to connect to wall are possible also. Must be gone by Wednesday morning. Request: Small Gunnera (aka giant rhubarb) (North McKinleyville) - I’m searching for a small Gunnera plant. If you have an established one, it has likely created some smaller offspring nearby, which I could dig out with a trowel and take home. Let me know if you have some extra “babies” in Ned of a new home:) see link for pic: . Thanks for reading! Request: male sun conure (Cave junction, oregon) - I'm interested in a male sun conure to keep my female sun conure company Offer: Sewing patterns (Warren creek) - Womens asst sizes, kids costume, baby costume, adult cape, adult ethnic costumes.
Photo of free Sewing patterns (Warren creek)
Offer: Plastic forks, knives, spoons (Arcata) - Forty-nine (49) forks Twenty-two (22) knives Twenty-three spoons This is used tableware you get at potlucks, on airlines, community or family dinners, or other places where people give it out. It is cleaned. Most pieces are white or vanilla, some black, a few red. Definitely not a matching collection! Comes with a strong plastic bag (like you get at take-out restaurants). Request: 5 gallon and 3 gallon buckets (McK) - I'm looking for a couple of 5 gallon and 2 or 3 gallon buckets with lids. Food grade preferably. Need to make feeders and waterers for our chickens. Thanks, Ed Request: Succulents (Bayside) - Any "babies" you would like to put up for adoption Request: Red wiggler composting worms (North McKinleyville) - I need a handful or so to get my worm composting started. anybody have some to share? Request: Back issues of The Sun magazine (North McKinleyville) - Hello all, if you are a lover of this publication as I am, and have accumulated some back issues since you can't stand to just recycle them, give them to me! I will read them and pass them along to other good people. I came to The Sun relatively recently and there are so many issues I haven't yet read. Request: back stretcher/inversion table (North McKinleyville) - Big, small, rusty, sitting in your garage for years- I’m interested!