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Offer: Boxes of food (Thorndale and S Hawkins) - Boxes containing dry food such as pasta and canned foods. You are responsible for taking them to your vehicle. Request: paint (Akron) - Really any and all colors are welcome. I just need some paint. I just moved and the entire place needs redone. Thanks Request: hot water tank (Barberton) - looking for a free or cheap hot water tank. thank you! Request: Queen Mattress (Marion, OH) - We are in search of a queen size mattress as ours was infested with bed bugs and had to throw it out. Request: Lots of small bottles (Ravenna) - 1.5 oz empty bottles with lids are wanted for my vanilla making project in Ravenna.(The restaurant won’t let me have their trash.) Collecting through November.
Photo of Lots of small bottles (Ravenna)
Offer: piano (Shelby area, Richland county) - Wurlitzer piano. Needs tuning.
Photo of free piano (Shelby area, Richland county)
Photo of free piano (Shelby area, Richland county)
Request: Single Branch Christmas Trees (Medina area) - I'm looking for single branch Christmas trees, not prelit sectional trees. Medina area please. Thank you! Offer: 12 non working watches (Ravenna Township 44266) - 12 non working old watches, wondering if someone enjoys tinkering or would want them for the bands before I discard them.
Photo of free 12 non working watches (Ravenna Township 44266)
Offer: Gravity Rider Exercise Bike (Ravenna Township 44266) - New, unassembled and in box with instruction/owners manual for assembly, operating and maintenance. Model number 431GR
Photo of free Gravity Rider Exercise Bike (Ravenna Township 44266)
Photo of free Gravity Rider Exercise Bike (Ravenna Township 44266)
Request: Cooler (Northwest Columbus) - Need a cooler asap Request: Pet stroller (Orient) - Looking for a pet stroller for a cat Request: Hospice items (Akron) - If anyone has any hospice items. I am in need of a hospital bed, lift, bed pan, wheel chair, etc. My mother is very sick and I am bringing her home from a different state. She is in a bad situation and we are unsure how her insurance transfer will work. Anything donated will be donated back out once she passes or when/if hospice sends. Request: Moving Boxes (Riverbend/Grove City area) - Looking for any and all shaped moving boxes! And thing helps, Thank you in advance Offer: Coush and chair (South west) - The couch is old multied color and the chair is blue you come and haul it. Dogs not include
Photo of free Coush and chair (South west)
Request: Wall paint Interior or exterior (Akron) - Interior or exterior. Starting my own store I need to paint Request: Car fuses (Northwest Columbus) - I need a 40A fuse and 2 25A mini fuses. Offer: First birthday decorations (Worthington) - Elmo/Sesame Street, most is unopened
Photo of free First birthday decorations (Worthington)
Request: Small wooden stool (Berea) - To sit on when I take dog outside Offer: Entertainment & Small Cabinets (Westlake) - See pictures. Can have either or both.
Photo of free Entertainment & Small Cabinets (Westlake)
Photo of free Entertainment & Small Cabinets (Westlake)
Photo of free Entertainment & Small Cabinets (Westlake)
Request: iMac G3 keyboard and mouse (Northwest Columbus) - I need an old iMac G3 keyboard and mouse. Any color. Request: Toddler Clothing (Lewis Center, Ohio) - I am looking for clothing for my little one (age 1). I am doing this primarily to reduce waste and would happily take both boy/girl clothes that are meant for 12 -24 month old and I am ok with clothes that have some stains . Thank you! Offer: Clear Spinning Makeup Organizer (Grove City) - 4 sided with 4 adjustable shelves. Easy porch pick up on 62 north of 270.
Photo of free Clear Spinning Makeup Organizer (Grove City)
Offer: zucchini (New Albany) - Some are large. Good for grating and freezing for baking later. I have a great zucchini relish recipe I can give you. Request: Humidifier (Upper west side) - Our room is dry and a humidifier would help bring moisture to the room Offer: Full size futon mattress (Georgesville exit on 270, SW) - Yellow and brown cover. Would be great for a ground bed!
Photo of free Full size futon mattress (Georgesville exit on 270, SW)
Request: TV stand (Akron ohio) - I'm looking for a TV stand that can hold a 65inch TV and I also need some lamps for my room and a book case too and some boys and girls toys Request: yarn (Orient) - Any color, any brand. Willing to drive to you Request: Queen mattress (East side) - I need a mattress I am not working because of an injury so I had to give mine back to Aaron rental Request: Wheel chair legs (South of Medina) - Have wheel chair need the legs for an older model brand name “Rolls by Invacare” Request: Bmx pegs (Columbus) - I'm a broke teen bring me ur most dented pair I'll take anything I can get just to get riding again