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Offer: Rice cooker (Lower Arcadia) - Small rice cooker. Slightly used, works well.
Photo of free Rice cooker (Lower Arcadia)
Offer: Toaster (Lower Arcadia) - White used toaster. Looks used but works very well.
Photo of free Toaster (Lower Arcadia)
Request: Trailer (Flowing Wells and Wetmore) - I know it's a long shot, but maybe someone has something buried in a corner that they forgot about......I need a trailer or trailer frame or something along those lines that can be turned into a trailer that is about 10 feet long, maybe a little more. I can take down a trailer to get the frame or I'm open to creative solutions and ideas. Offer: Glass punch bowl (Eastside Wrightstown & Pantano) - Clear glass punch bowl it has grapes on it large size I was using to hold Reese's Peanut Butter cups
Photo of free Glass punch bowl (Eastside Wrightstown & Pantano)
Offer: Tons of jewelry (Poets Square) Promised - Lots of jewelry, probably nothing too valuable but it’s fun! Badge style pins, beaded bracelets, anklets, necklaces, a couple rings and toe rings. Take the whole lot please!
Photo of free Tons of jewelry (Poets Square)
Offer: Mailbox flag, southwestern coyote (Poets Square) Promised - Mailbox flag with southwestern coyote design. Never used. Really cute but we just can’t use it since it doesn’t go with our new mailbox.
Photo of free Mailbox flag, southwestern coyote (Poets Square)
Request: Desk (East side) - L shaped desk preferably I work from home and have 3 monitors Request: Moving Blankets (Central phx down to Chandler) - ISO moving blankets to wrap furniture in! Request: Hdmi capable tv (Mesa) - Looking for a TV, that has a hdmi input. The size doesn't matter much bit a decent sized one would be nice. My TV broke today and there's no picture. Unfortunately I stay home and don't work due to my ptsd. Having a TV kept me a bit busy. Anywho thanks Request: Large & medium plastic dog crates (Tucson) - Large & medium plastic dog crate Offer: Lawn mowers (N 79th and Garfield 85257) - They need some TLC. They were working, but now can't get them started and we're not mechanical enough to figure it out. If you are, they're yours.
Photo of free Lawn mowers (N 79th and Garfield 85257)
Photo of free Lawn mowers (N 79th and Garfield 85257)
Offer: Vacuum (Eastside Wrightstown & Pantano) Promised - As is! simi-working clogged in hose at beater brush area. Fix or use for parts.
Photo of free Vacuum (Eastside Wrightstown & Pantano)
Request: Bookshelf/Book Case & Glider (Tatum/Greenway) - Looking for a 5 shelf bookcase or bookshelf that is a darker wood with reddish tint. Width of 2 ft to fit the space we have in mind! Picture for reference. We are trying to match our son’s nursery (which is the other picture Also looking for a glider for his nursery! Pictures attached for style. Preferably in tan, cream, blue, or gray! Near Tatum/Greenway
Photo of Bookshelf/Book Case & Glider (Tatum/Greenway)
Photo of Bookshelf/Book Case & Glider (Tatum/Greenway)
Photo of Bookshelf/Book Case & Glider (Tatum/Greenway)
Photo of Bookshelf/Book Case & Glider (Tatum/Greenway)
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Request: Adult briefs (Portland) - In need of adult briefs size xl to xxl.. The ones that fasten on the sides, for a bed bound senior lady. If you can help be greatly appreciated. Ne Portland area Request: Misc items (Portland) - Just moved here looking for a small table or coffee table, small area rug, boom box or radio, also long sleeve lady tops size 1 to 2 x. If you can help with any or all be greatly appreciated. I'm in ne Portland, close to 122 str. Request: Tall ladder (Mid mesa) - Looking for a 10 foot ladder. Request: Date Palm Fronds (Ajo & La Cholla) - Need about 10 date palm fronds please. Request: Household items (Phoenix) - A blender, and mop and curtain hangers Offer: 2 Ceiling fans (N 79th and Garfield 85257) - Lights work, but the pull chain is broken so the fan doesn't.
Photo of free 2 Ceiling fans (N 79th and Garfield 85257)
Request: Couch/futon (South Phoenix) - Couch or futon for small apartment please Offer: Compact Fluorescent Lamp Bulbs (59th Ave/Greenway Rd) Promised - Three General Electric Biax D ECO 26W 4 pin One Halco 26 watts, 1800 lumens 4 pin One GE Biax D 13 watts 2 pin Offer: Magnets for Crafts (59th Ave/Greenway Rd) Promised - Various sizes-small, business card size, one 8"x#', one 7"x3" total of 9 Offer: Claire's Solution for Piercings (59th Ave/Greenway Rd) Promised - Almost a full 16 oz bottle Request: AA Big books (South Central Phoenix) - Starting new group and need several AA Big books. Request: outdoor evap cooler/mister fan (Avondale) - Trying to keep aviary cool during AZ summer. Request: Perscription Eyeglasses (32nd & Greenway) - -6 or higher power level. In desperate need. Recent injury has prevented me from wearing my contacts. My script is stronge that it makes affording basic glasses near impossible. Offer: Table and chairs (Midtown Phoenix) - Glass/metal table and 4 retro looking chairs.
Photo of free Table and chairs (Midtown Phoenix)
Offer: IKEA bedroom set and mattress (Midtown Phoenix) - If I can’t sell it soon I’m going to give it away. Tuft and Needle queen mattress and Ikea bedroom set. You must do all of the moving if you want it.
Photo of free IKEA bedroom set and mattress (Midtown Phoenix)
Photo of free IKEA bedroom set and mattress (Midtown Phoenix)
Request: Books, coins, sublimation blanks (Phoenix) - Does anyone have educational books? I like learning new things. Hopefully it’ll help me decide what to major in lmao. I’d also enjoy books about different hobbies. Or coins since I know most people don’t like change and I’m trying to collect coins. And any stuff for a cricut or laser engraver? I don’t mind driving a decent distance. Offer: MoonShine (Maricopa) - New and free. Pickup only!
Photo of free MoonShine (Maricopa)