U.S. History--photos, books, poems (Dubuque)

*Three individual Longfellow poems, each one printed inside a folded card with illustration on front--"The Village Blacksmith," illustrated by a sketch Longfellow made of the chestnut tree and the shop in 1840; "The Children's Hour," illustrated by a Thomas Buchanan Read painting of Longfellow's three daughters; "From My Armchair," illustrated by a photo of Longfellow's arm-chair (made from the wood of the famous chestnut tree!)
"Paul Revere's Three Accounts of his Famous Ride." Published 1976 by the Massachusetts Historical Society. All about Paul Revere's actual ride, including photos three different versions of Revere's written account of his ride. Not what we thought. Finishes with Longfellow's poem. Pristine condition. Might make a fun gift for your favorite historian.
* original 1898 6"x9" 60-page booklet: "Camp Life at Chickamauga" (Camp Thomas) published by THE INDIANA WOMAN in Indianapolis, IN. Complete. Full of 4.5" x 7" photos.
*1990 Life Magazine featuring: "The LIFE 100 Most Important American's of the 20th Century."
In excellent condition, from Jane Adams to Malcolm X.
*NEWSWEEK Special Issue, Fall/Winter 1991: "1492-1992: When Worlds Collide: How Columbus's Voyages Transformed Both East and West." In good condition.
40 PRESIDENTS: FACTS AND FUN. 1981 paperback by Willowisp Press.
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