3" pagoda dogwood; perennials (Dubuque)

Perennials for yard:
  *columbines--graceful yellow + orange blooms in May; humming birds like.
  *2 white Nancy seedlings; modest, well-behaved ground cover.
  *garden phlox seedlings
  *two morning glory seedlings; need sunny fence or arbor to climb.
  *garlic chives--golf-ball sized clusters of tiny white blooms in August.
  *gooseneck loosestrife, rooted in trays
  *orange daylilies bloom in July
  *bishop's weed--hardy, disease-resistant ground cover
*Pagoda dogwood seedling, nicely rooted, two inches tall. Can see example of mature tree.
  *two shapely well-established 3" jade plants with pointed leaves.
You're welcome-to any, some, or all.

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