Chappell piano (with free woodworm) (Digbeth B5)

We have an upright Chappel piano available. I'm no piano expert but I think it's a fairly good one as it was donated to us by a conservatoire student and they were using it for gigs in our cafe. It's fairly in tune at the mo and having had a look inside it doesn't look worn or in bad condition in terms of all the felt bits.

We'll also throw in some woodworm for free! OK, to be serious the big issue is that it's got some woodworm in it, specially in two of its panels (woodworm tends to infect one area at once in my experience) so it would need treating. Or if you want a piano for some arty use or an outdoor festival or something it could be great for that.

It would need collecting from inside the Clean Air Zone where we thankfully for our lungs are situated.


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