garage (incl poss transport!) (Hillfields BS16)

(reposting as we are now happy to do the dismantling ourselves without help; it looks like it will be easier than we thought...)

We need to get rid of our garage which is made of fairly thin concrete panels bolted together - it's a pretty simple system.

Would anyone like some or all of the parts, either to reconstruct it elsewhere or to use the parts for your own project? Please read all the details below.

The garage:
* ..has an area roughly 2.85m x 5.05m.
* ..has a height roughly 2m at the sides and 2.45m at the ridge.
* ..has a big metal (up and over) door, a side wooden door, and a window.

We can:
* the work of taking the garage down. If you want to be here for some of the process so that you know how it fits back together, just let us know.
* with transporting the materials to you (probably, depends how far away you are and how busy our driver is).

If you want to reconstruct it you will need:
* sort out your own foundations.
* get hold of new roof panels, because the current ones contain asbestos so we plan to dispose of them. However, we can supply the metal roof structure that new panels would fix to. To copy the current roof you would need 16 panels, each 1.5m by 0.75m. It might be possible to manage with 14 panels.
* do the work of putting it back together; we aren't free to help with that (though we can give advice/info about how we took it down).

We have already started taking it down and will be continuing to do so over the next week or so.

If you cannot make use of the whole garage but can use some of the parts - eg just some of the wall panels, or the big garage door - let us know!
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