dogwood tree + plants, described (Dubuque)

Ornamental tree: *Pagoda dogwood seedling, 6 inches tall. Healthy with three or four branches already. Our 30-year-old tree is 20 feet tall. So you can see example of mature tree.
For house/deck/porch:
*several shapely well-established 4 to 6" jade plants (the variety with pointed leaves)
*two kalanchoe--small scalloped fleshy leaves, very sweet coral bloom clusters on established plants
For house/porch/yard:
*two nicely established 7" to 9" geraniums with pink or coral blooms
*healthy 5" start of German ivy
Wildflowers (from my yard):
*bluebells--bloom in mid-to later April.
*bloodroot--blooms in mid-April.
Perennials for yard:
*feverfew--well-behaved plant with lacy foliage and small daisy shaped white flowers. A pleaser.
*bishop's weed--hardy, disease-resistant ground cover blooms in June and July
You're welcome-to any, some, or all.

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