Carnivorous houseplants (Walkley S6)

Update: All these are allocated now, subject to collection. If you express an interest now, you'll go on the reserve list, so be sure to check your messages regularly over the next week just in case I get any no-shows.

On offer - Mexican Butterwort carnivorous houseplants. They catch tiny flies (smaller than fruit fly) on their sticky leaves. The ones I am gifting look more like the plant on the left of the picture or a little smaller. The plant on the right of the picture shows one in flower - usually the flowers appear later on in the summer.

Collection is from Lower Walkley, not far from Langsett Road. Evening collection preferred if possible. It will be one plant per freegler until they're gone. Printed care instructions provided with the plant. There should be more next year if you miss out this time.