Plethora of Take-Out Plastics (Marshall-Shadeland, Pittsburgh)

I’m divesting myself of the large piles of carefully cleaned out take-out containers. These used to be accepted for recycle, but are no longer, and I am loath to trash that much re-usable plastic containers.

I’ve reached my saturation point, time to purge. The ones in plastic bags were carefully cleaned and intended for re-use as lunch packing. The front stack was cleaned for storage but never edited for food-re-use.

Can be a porch pick-up anytime, just let me know you’re interested, I’ll share deets, and put them out.
 Also willing to do an unattended drop off around Pgh Northside, and WestEnd neighborhoods.

There was someone collecting #5 plastic to chip and recycle into 3d printing raw material during Early COVID - I was actually saving these for that person, but lost the info.

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