Banana tree pups

I have some more banana tree pups that I'll be separating from the mother plant. Two are under 5 ft tall, and the rest are over 6 ft tall counting the outstretched leaves, The root balls will be bagged (not potted), so you’ll need to plant them in the ground right away. You could also plant them in a pot temporarily, but in order for them to fully develop and fruit they have to go in the ground.

This variety, Blue Java, aka "Ice Cream", does very well in our climate if planted in full sun and given regular water , and it will fruit after approximately 2 years. It produces miniature bananas that have an excellent flavor. The trees themselves grow to about 12-15 ft. tall when fully established. Although the original tree will die after fruiting, it puts out multiple pups that will eventually grow into new trees. So plant it where it will have some room to expand over time (I'd say a 6' x 6' space, minimum), and you'll eventually have a tight cluster of banana trees. That said, the pups can be easily separated/dug up with a shovel to keep them from spreading in a certain direction.

If you're interested, let me know the day and approximate time you can make the pickup. I won’t dig up your pup until you confirm a day/time. We're in the Centerville area of Fremont, near Thornton Ave.


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