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Request: fencing (South Western) - My sister-n-laws house burned a couple weeks ago, they lost their furbabies, all but one. They now have housing. The fur baby that survived needs a yard to call his own! Anyone have some fencing, t-posts laying around needing rehoming? Request: Books, journals, pens, markers, shoes (Tulsa) - New or used Books to learn and read on a daily basis📚 Journals to write a diary✍️ Pens to color and detail my notebooks Markers to also color and add art to my canvas Size 10 shoes for F Request: Windows, cinder blocks/bricks (Mayes County+) - Looking for 6-10 windows for my small build. Also, cinder blocks, bricks, and pavers. Thank you! Request: motorhome,trave trailer ,insl shed (Muldrow) - I need a motorhome or RV camper anybody could donate one that would be greater I need something I can live in It be nice if it didn't need fixed because I don't now much about that please don't have any black mold Free: Floral Painting (Bella Vista) - I painted the outermost edge of the frame grey so there is paint matching the mauve inner frame under there somewhere. I like it but it doesn’t suite my home decor presently. Pickup is in Bella Vista! 28.75” wide 25” tall
Photo of free Floral Painting (Bella Vista)
Request: Clothes, shoes, travel trailer (Tulsa, Oklahoma) - I am recently divorced and on my own. I am in need of clothes size medium and 11in pants. Size 7 1/2 shoes. If anyone has a travel trailer or something like that please let me know. If anyone is able to help I will be much appreciative. Free: Sectional (Verdigris) - One couch has a broken frame. Needs some TLC.
Photo of free Sectional (Verdigris)
Photo of free Sectional (Verdigris)
Photo of free Sectional (Verdigris)
Photo of free Sectional (Verdigris)
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Free: Toshiba flat screen tv (74105) - 46+ inches. Won't power on.
Photo of free Toshiba flat screen tv (74105)
Request: Plus size clothes (Tulsa) - In need of nice plus size clothes size24 please 10 out fits jeans shirts shoes 11 wide flats