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Request: Dog igloo (East mountains) - medium to large please Offer: Fiberglass edging (Louisiana and Candelaria) - Approximately 7’ of 4” high fiberglass lawn/garden edging. Request: Mason Jars & Canning Equipment (Cardenas Dr. & Ross Ave. area) - Hello all; We are seeking the Large sizes of Mason jars for preserving foods. They are; 16 ounce = Pint & Half = 24 ounces = Quart = 32 ounces Half Gallon = 64 ounces One Gallon = 128 ounces Two Gallon = 256 ounces And lids if possible. Request: Cast Iron Cookware (Cardenas Dr. & Ross Ave. area) - We would like all types; sizes of CAST IRON cookware, please? With lids; w/o lids. Enameled cast iron also; with lids w/o lids, please? Request: Apartment Washer/Dryer (Cardenas Dr. & Ross Ave. area) - In need of an operational Electric apartment type laundry unit with electric dryer for a 110 line. Please. Cannot get to a laundry; and would increase us to be exposed to CORONA 19 VIRUS. Offer: 14 Reading books (Cardenas Dr. & Ross Ave. area) - I am done with them; would like to pass them to another reader. Offer: RV water fixtures/faucets (Paseo and barstow) - We replaced the tub, shower, bath sink and kitchen sink faucets in our RV. These are all the pieces we removed. Faucets all work. Some of the connections were bad.
Photo of free RV water fixtures/faucets (Paseo and barstow)
Offer: 4 pedestal boat chairs (Paseo and barstow) - 3 are in good condition one needs to be repaired. See photo
Photo of free 4 pedestal boat chairs (Paseo and barstow)
Offer: Toro 570 Nozzle Model 53735 7 53736 (87112) - New unopened. Request: Sleeping bag and tent (NE heights) - Size don’t matter. I’m looking for tent and and sleeping bag to use. Thank u Offer: Undies for men or boy (Ne near San Mateo/Lomas) - Different colors, fashionable trunks and bikinis. Sizes 26 to 31-32 (medium). Most are gently worn (and cleaned of course) some are new. Ideally for a poor student or teen. Offer: Child's easel (UNM North Campus) - Good condition, has whiteboard, blackboard, clips, and roller for paper
Photo of free Child's easel (UNM North Campus)
Photo of free Child's easel (UNM North Campus)
Offer: Wooden indoor tortoise habitat (UNM North Campus) - Good condition, also comes with 2 full bags of shredded aspen bedding
Photo of free Wooden indoor tortoise habitat (UNM North Campus)
Offer: Shoes 9 (South vally) - Different sizes Request: Craft Supplies/ School Supplies (Louisiana, Central) - I'm in search of craft supplies, such as hot glue sticks, flat back gems, beads, acrylic paint, stickers, binders, composition notebooks (graph paper and/or lined), pens, pencils, etc. Let me know. Offer: Alphabet cards (Rio Rancho Southern and Unser) - One set is a train that is intended for a bulletin board. Another set is gold glitter flash cards. All letters accounted for.
Photo of free Alphabet cards (Rio Rancho Southern and Unser)
Photo of free Alphabet cards (Rio Rancho Southern and Unser)
Offer: Apple iPhone 7 Leather Case NIB (Rio Rancho) Promised - Apple iPhone 7 Leather Case new in box. Never needed it. I'm in Rivers Edge 2 in Rio Rancho. (I'm tired of folks from Albuquerque saying they're coming to pick something up and then never showing up. Request: Model Railroad Equipment or Pieces (Rio Rancho) - I'm looking for any kind of model railroad equipment or pieces. (It seems like everyone has a relative with model railroad equipment they don't know what to do with.) I take what people give me with some lumber to make model railroads for families with younger kids. I have my own model railroad with plenty to work on so I've already been using some of what I have for others. (If you're a model railroader yourself, maybe we can work on model railroads to donate, your model railroad, or my own.) Offer: Large plastic container (Spain/Tramway) - Offering a large plastic tub from a water softener. It's empty.
Photo of free Large plastic container (Spain/Tramway)
Request: Outdoor plants (Tijeras) - would love any plants that can be planted outdoors that either survive all year or come back each year. All things welcome from flowers to bushes to small trees. I would love to get my hands on some foxglove as well.. I'll pick up anywhere. Thanks for the consideration. Stay healthy!! Offer: Gas mower... needs work (Tijeras) - I got a gas mower from here, it worked for a day, then conked out. Probably a minor repair for someone handy. My son gave me a new one, so I'd like to share this one with someone who's willing to give it a second chance. It's a nice mower. I'm in tijeras, easy access from the freeway. Request: Guitar Stand (Carlisle / Gibson) - Thanks! Request: Washer (Ne heights) - Most would be okay even small repairs if necessary Request: Staple gun (se zun iand wyoming area) - Building and refurbishing furniture. broke my back and can't work. It keeps me sane but I can't afford the tools. Thanks! Request: Drill and drill bits (se zun iand wyoming area) - Cordless or corded newer or 30 years old I appreciate no matter! Request: Tall Dresser (War Zone SE) - seeking a tall dresser in good condition no matter the color Offer: Cultured Marble Bathroom Counters (Near Eubank Costco) - I have two cultured marble bathroom countertops with backsplash pieces. 1. 59 x 22 inches 2. 99 x 22 inches; the right side, however is slanted at inch 89. This could also be cut smaller. The countertops are clean; there are tree shadows in the pictures.
Photo of free Cultured Marble Bathroom Counters (Near Eubank Costco)
Photo of free Cultured Marble Bathroom Counters (Near Eubank Costco)
Request: Furniture, clothes, dishware, etc (Los Lunas) - I'm posting for a neighbor. She's a disabled woman and her two children. I've been trying to help her in anyway I can. She just moved in and she doesn't have really anything at all. She moved from Texas. I gave her a couple of things I dont need. Please have a heart for her and please help. Just message me if anything helps. I can pick up but in about a week or so. Thank you Request: Weights (755 Cascade Ct SE 87124) - Looking for any weights for lifting. Nothing Fancy doesn’t have to be pretty. Just anything while recovering. Thanks. Offer: Women's sandals, size 7 (Alb, Tramway/Central) - Used with some good life still: Privo by Clark's, light-colored, good tread.