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Offer: cocoa, coffee Expired - Gift-basket/sample size Godiva hot cocoa, Ghirardelli white mocha, Starbucks ground coffee Kelly hill Reply with date and time of pickup Offer: old wood (Kelly hill) Expired - These were in garage and have been outside for a few months, some planks approx. 1x4", some flatter and thicker pieces not all shown here. A few have paint but most don't. None are more than 4' long. Oldwood Offer: fancy stack of gift boxes (Kelly hill) Expired - Five empty boxes, one says Ghirardelli the rest don't, shiny blue with gold, largest about 7x3" progressively smaller. Reply with date and time to pick up (allowing for receipt of email). [![alt][1]][2] Virus-free. [] [ ][4] Offer: chaise back and seat Expired - Orange-Paprika ~three-year old disassembled back and seat, good condition from Overstock. If you can find screws and legs you'll have a full chaise. It will sit on the floor though, without legs. [] * * * [ ![Avast logo][2] ][3] Offer: bags of lightbulbs Expired - There is a bag of various CFLs, and a bag of various incandescent bulbs if anyone still needs them. #DAB4FAD8-2DD7-40BB-A1B8-4E2AA1F9FDF2 Offer: Fabric from India Expired - Sheer, green and brown with some embroidery. Originally about the size of a spread, now in 4 pieces, 2 of which were made into simple curtains. See h94541 photo. NE Hayward, reply with pickup day/time. Offer: old saw pruner Expired - Long wood handle with rope pull. NE Hayward, reply with pickup day/time. Offer: window sheers and Roman shades (Kelly hill) Expired - 2 old window sheers, one long across, one shorter across. I think in good shape but need a wash. 2 old off-white with blue trim fabric shades attached to wood for hanging. Could use washing, pull cords may need fixing, or use fabric for something else. If interested reply with day and time for pickup. [![alt][1]][2] Virus-free. [] [ ][4] Request: orange cone Expired - Adjacent towns are fine. Need something to prevent cars from parking too close on trash day and my bins then not being emptied. Thx. Offer: matches Expired - Small bag of old matchbooks/boxes.