Seasonal Adjustment Lamp (Hell's Kitchen)

This lamp helps you adjust to Season Adjustment Disorder--the lag that bedevils some people when we go back and forth from Daylight Saving Time. SAD is a type of seasonal depression that also occurs in winter. One hour a days with this lamp, which sits on a desk or table, can help lessen depression.

To claim, your cell-phone number is mandatory. Flakes not welcome. You'll sign your name to all messages (I get e-mails by the long ton and often can’t tell one sender from another), respond promptly when I call you, come when you say you will--or at least show me the courtesy of cancelling if you change your mind or are delayed. If this is too hard for you (and it's astonishing how many people can't hack common courtesy), please move on.
Pick up in Midtown any day within a 1-hour window between 8 AM and Noon OR 6-8 PM.; say when one day before. Address: 360 W. 36th St. bet. 8th & 9th. Aves. South side of street. (A, C, & E subways near; buses too.) Bill
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