• How can I use my existing membership account with trash nothing?

    Existing accounts from other sites such as Yahoo Groups, Freecycle or Freegle Direct can't be reused with trash nothing because all the sites are run by separate organizations and there is no method of transferring account data from one site to another. But it only takes a minute to create a new trash nothing account and you can remove your account at any time.

  • How do I change my password?

    If you're logged in, you can change your password on your Profile page by entering your old password and then entering your new password twice and clicking the button labelled "Change".

    If you don't see the password change fields on the Profile page, this means you signed up without a password using one of the one-click login methods (which work for any Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or AOL account) and you'll need to log out and use the password reset option to set a password.

    If you are unable to login, see how to reset your password

  • How do I change my profile picture?

    You can change your profile picture at any time on the Profile page.

  • How do I create an email alert?
    1. Go to the All Posts page
    2. Use the search option at the top of the page to search for the item that you are looking for (1-3 keywords work best).
    3. Then click the button labelled "Save as Email Alert" that shows up.
    4. Finally, select the types of posts you want to be alerted about (Offers and/or Requests) and click the "Save" button.
  • How do I join?

    Go to the sign up page and follow the instructions from there.

    If you'd like to sign up without a Facebook, Yahoo, Google or AOL account, you can click the link below the large white buttons that is labelled "create a new account".

  • How do I logout?

    If you're using the mobile web app or the newest version of the native app, the logout option is at the bottom of the main menu. To open the main menu, tap the button that appears near the top right of every page in the app.

    If you're using the non-mobile website, there is a logout link you can click that shows up at the top right on most of the pages.

  • How do I remove my account?

    You can remove your account using the option at the bottom of the Profile page.

  • I forgot my password and can't login, how do I reset it?

    If you are sure you have an account on trash nothing, you can automatically request a new password be emailed to you.

    If you only have an account on Yahoo Groups or on the Freegle site, you'll need to create a new account before you can use trash nothing with your local groups.

    Note: If you signed up using a Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or Facebook account, you can login without a password by simply clicking one of the large white buttons near the top of the login page.

  • I haven't received the verification email after signing up.

    The verification email can take a minute or two to be delivered. If you can't find it in your email account or spam folder after a couple of minutes, try to login and you will be given the option to resend the email.

    If you have a Facebook, Yahoo, Google or Microsoft account, you can verify your email account by simply clicking the corresponding large white button at the top of the sign up page or the login page.

  • What is my username and how do I change it?

    Your username is the unique identifier that shows up on all your posts. It is automatically created for you based on the username of the email address that you sign up with. If you need to change your username (for privacy reasons or if it isn't family friendly), you can use the username change request form.