• How are craigslist posts different?

    *NOTE: Craigslist posts are no longer available on trash nothing as the data provider of the posts was sued out of existence by Craigslist.

    Craigslist posts originate from the free section of the US and Canadian sites on To control which posts you see from Craigslist, go to the Post Options section of the Profile page and use the Public Posts setting.

    If you are using the trash nothing! app from the app store, it does not yet support Craigslist posts. The posts are available on the site and in the web app (you can bookmark the web app to your home screen to make it work more like a native app).

    Posts from Craigslist differ from other posts in the following ways:

    • Posts are not moderated or reviewed before being published. If you see a post that isn't appropriate, use the Flag Post option to report it.
    • Posts are often deleted from Craigslist much quicker than other posts. And because the data provider we get Craigslist posts from doesn't know when a post is deleted, the posts will continue showing up on trash nothing even if they have been deleted on Craigslist. To check if a post is still available before replying, use the original post link to view the post on Craigslist.
    • There is no reply button on the posts because replies must be sent to the contact information that shows up below or in the post (usually there is an email or telephone number).
    • It is not possible to submit new posts to Craigslist through trash nothing. If you need to post to Craigslist, you can do so through the site or by using one of the Craigslist apps that are available on the app stores.
  • How do I add a freecycling group to my account?

    (If you're using the mobile version of the site, skip down to the mobile instructions below)

    1. Go to the Groups page and click the button labelled "Add Group".
    2. Enter your city and state into the first search field and make sure the correct country is shown in the second search field and then click Search.
    3. Use the map below the search fields to view the groups that are close to you (you can zoom out and view a larger area by clicking the minus sign near the top left of the map).
    4. For each group you want to add, click on its red marker on the map to see its name.
    5. You can then click on the name of each group to select it.
    6. Once you've selected all the groups you want to join, click the large green button labelled "Add Selected Groups".

    Once you add a group, a subscription request is automatically sent to the group. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days for your request to be approved (but we'll automatically email you once you are approved). The reason for the delay is that some group moderators choose to moderate membership requests in order to prevent spammers and non-local people from joining.

    If you're using the mobile site:

    1. Go to the Groups page and click the "Add Groups" button.
    2. Select your country, enter your postal code (if asked) and click the "Search" button.
    3. For each group you want to add, click the checkbox next to its name.
    4. Once you've selected all the groups you want to join, click the "Join Selected Groups" button.
  • How do I change my location?

    There are different answers depending on which location you are referring to.

    The location of posts you see on the All Posts page is based on the groups you are a member of and your public post settings. You can add and remove groups on the Groups page at any time. And you can change your public post settings using the post options on the Profile page.

    If you're trying to change the location description that shows up on your posts, you can only change this for new posts. Every time you post, there is a Location text field on the New Post page that controls the location description that will show up on your post.

    If you're trying to change the location displayed on the map that goes with your post, simply click the link next to the map that is labelled "Wrong location?" to correct the location. This will only update the map display and so it should only be done when the map doesn't match the location described in the text of the post.

  • How do I contact the moderators?

    Each group is run by one or more volunteer moderators who set the rules for the group and manage the group members and group posts. You can use the Moderator contact page to get in touch with the moderators who run your local groups.

  • How do I report a post?

    When you view a post on the site or in the apps, there is a "Flag Post" option that shows up below every post that can be used to report posts to the volunteer moderators.

  • How do I start a new freecycling group?

    It only takes a minute to start a new freecycling group for your neighborhood, school or office (or even your city or county if you're ambitious). Just fill out and submit the new group form to create a new group.

  • How do I unsubscribe from a freecycling group on Yahoo Groups?

    If you're unsubscribing because you're getting too much email or have other problems with the group, you should switch to trash nothing! We make freecycling groups easier to use and don't flood you with email. It only takes a minute to join your local freecycle groups on trash nothing! and then you can unsubscribe from your groups on Yahoo Groups by following the directions below.

    To unsubscribe from a freecycle group on Yahoo Groups:

    1. Go to the Yahoo Groups Group listing page (you'll be asked to login to Yahoo if you aren't logged in)
    2. For each group you want to unsubscribe from, find the group name and click on it to go to the group homepage.
    3. On the right side of the homepage, click the link labelled "Membership" and then click "Edit Membership".
    4. Finally, click the button labelled "Leave Group".
  • How do I unsubscribe from a group on trash nothing?

    If you have an account on trash nothing!, you can use the Groups page, to unsubscribe from a group. Simple click the button labelled "Remove" that shows up to the right of the group that you want to unsubscribe from.

    If you don't have an account on trash nothing! or if you previously subscribed to groups on Yahoo Groups, follow the Yahoo Groups unsubscribe instructions.

  • How do I use my existing freecycling groups on trash nothing?

    There are two options. The first option is to follow the forwarding instructions to connect your existing group membership to your trash nothing! account. This option takes more effort but it will work with any group on Yahoo Groups.

    The other option is to find and join your group from the Groups page (learn how). This will create a second subscription for you that is separate from your old subscription (so you might want to unsubscribe on Yahoo Groups rather than have duplicate subscriptions).

    Not every freecycling group is listed on trash nothing! yet because we need permission from the volunteer moderators who run the group before we can list their group. You can help us get your group listed by emailing your local moderators* and telling them that you're interested in using trash nothing! The moderators can then contact us at to get their group listed.

    *With most groups, you can find the moderator email address near the bottom of the group home page (it usually ends with the text "").

  • I can't find any groups near me!

    Some freecycling groups aren't yet listed on trash nothing but if you are already a member of a group that isn't listed, you can use your existing membership with trash nothing!

    You can also sign up to get notified when we add new freecycling groups in your area or simply create a new freecycling group in your area.

  • I keep seeing a message saying I'm not a member of any groups - what does this mean?

    Freecycling works through thousands of local volunteer run groups around the world. Once you sign up to trash nothing!, you need to find and join the freecycling groups in your area before you can start viewing or submitting posts.

  • Where are all the posts? I don't see any posts?

    There are a couple reasons you might not see any posts. To see posts, you first have to be logged in to trash nothing! and you have to be subscribed to your local freecycling groups. You can verify that you are subscribed to your local groups on the Groups page. If you don't see at least one group's name along with the word Subscribed then you need to find and add your local groups.

    If you are logged in and subscribed to your local groups, it may be that your local groups aren't very active and so don't have any posts. Often groups in smaller towns have fewer members and less activity. You can still submit posts and other members of the groups will see your posts. And spreading the word about the groups well help make the groups more active. You can also use the Groups page to search for and join other groups in your area that may be more active.

    In either case, you can be sure to see the new posts soon after they are posted if you have the digest emails enabled (by default, digests are enabled when you sign up).