• How do I choose who to give my offer to?

    It's completely up to you! Some people choose the first person to respond. Some people try to give their items to the people who need them most.

    When you're choosing, you might want to keep some of the no-show prevention tips in mind to help you choose someone who is more likely to show up.

  • How do I reply to a post that I'm interested in?

    If you're on the site, in the app or or reading a digest email, simply click on the post title to view the full details of the post. Once you are viewing the full post, click on the Reply button below the post description to compose and send a message to the post author.

    Keep in mind that the person offering the item may hear from multiple people who want it, so you might not always get the item.

    If the offerer picks you, you and the offerer will arrange a time and place for you to pickup the item. Usually, you pickup the item at or near the offerer's residence.

  • How do I reply to an email from another member?

    All member to member communication is over email so you just need to reply to the email like any other email. There is no inbox interface on the trash nothing site.

  • I click to reply to a post and nothing happens!

    Make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser. You might try using a different web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

    Alternatively, you can post using the mobile version of the site which doesn't require Javascript.

  • I replied to a few posts but I never got any responses?

    Sometimes emails end up in people's spam or junk mail folders so make sure you check your spam or junk mail folders for replies (sadly it's impossible to know if an email ends up in a recipients spam or junk mail folder). And it never hurts to resend an email if you don't hear back within a day or two.

    Other times, you won't receive responses because people forget to mark their offers as gifted. This causes their offers to stay on the group when they should have been removed. To help prevent this, posts are automatically removed from the listings after 90 days.

    This can also happen when someone posts a popular item that causes them to get a lot of replies. Rather than reply to everyone, people often only reply to the person they choose to gift the item to.

    And a lot of posts get claimed within a few hours or days of being posted. So you're more likely to get a response if you reply soon after a post is published.

  • Where do replies to my posts and messages go?

    Replies to your posts and replies to messages that you send in response to other peoples posts will all go to the email account that you signed up with. You can view and change this email address on your Profile page.

    Sometimes the emails from other members may end up in your junk or spam folder so make sure to check there for responses as well.