Where are all the posts? I don't see any posts?

There are a couple reasons you might not see any posts. To see posts, you first have to be logged in to trash nothing! and you have to be subscribed to your local freecycling groups. You can verify that you are subscribed to your local groups on the Groups page. If you don't see at least one group's name along with the word Subscribed then you need to find and add your local groups.

If you are logged in and subscribed to your local groups, it may be that your local groups aren't very active and so don't have any posts. Often groups in smaller towns have fewer members and less activity. You can still submit posts and other members of the groups will see your posts. And spreading the word about the groups well help make the groups more active. You can also use the Groups page to search for and join other groups in your area that may be more active.

In either case, you can be sure to see the new posts soon after they are posted if you have the digest emails enabled (by default, digests are enabled when you sign up).